Quick-Drying Black Pineapple Print Mens Fashion Board Shorts


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Mens Pineapple Shorts Quick-Drying Black Board Shorts

Mens Pineapple Shorts

These quick drying pineapple shorts are a must have for the season of fun - summer. These pickups boast vibrant pineapples, designer, creative, and all. The length of the shorts are perfect to be able to wear these as both board or casual shorts. The modern selection of mens floral shorts at PILAEO and these pineapple print designs go to show just how fashion forward you can and should be.

Timeless style starts with art that expresses emotion, and these shorts signify fun, creative, art - the exact qualities to show during a summery vacation.

Wear these mens pineapple print shorts with:

Casual t-shirts or polo shirts and sneakers. Color: Black
Pattern: Pineapple Print
Material: Cotton
Pockets: Yes
Style: Drawstring Board Shorts

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